01 July, 2013

Diminished masculinity is proof that humanity is evolving

In my ongoing search into understanding the human condition, I have ventured far and wide on the web during the past several years. I have been trawling the only information source most of us have to facilitate our "connections" with one another.

What has stood out in my quest, is that there are a select few men out there in the world, who have become venerated as though they were gods. Possibly not through public encouragement, but through the sheer volume of "interest" which their masculinity is generating worldwide. The reason is not difficult to decipher. They are men with vastly superior masculinity to the average man.

They are the covert stars of the silver screen. Men who have become elevated in stature on the back of the technological sophistication of emerging twenty first century entertainment. These demi-gods are the real celebrities we'd rather not discuss and are finding their way back into the public eye, thanks to pixellation technology advances and the increased public demand for three dimensional media.

While it may not be of concern to the average western parent totally absorbed by internet addiction, it may be of concern to more responsible parental bodies, such as the government, who make the decisions affecting the reality which is supposed to enlighten us and awaken us to our current condition.

These visual displays of enhanced masculinity are especially relevant to the authorities of nations where diminished masculinity is regarded as a source of national embarrasment, but which is not normally part of cultured discussions. Consequently, and rightly so, these treasures of human virtue, should be of concern to the inhabitants of those nations who value modesty and frown on public displays of masculinity.

What is most alarming about these "champions of conquest", is that they are bringing to our attention something which is unnervingly obvious and is the likely explanation for the well understood frustrations of women and subjects considered taboo.

Now the scripture is very subtle when it mentions the Giants who were eradicated from the earth by the deluges of ancient times. In Genesis 6:4, we learn that the "Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward, when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown."

What we are globally witnessing, is the subtle reminder from God, that these men are still with us today and are very much a part of the human genetic stock. These men were revered as gods by the women of long ago for a reason.

The question we have to ask ourselves, is why has the vast majority of the human population been left in a state of masculine deficiency, when this gift of God is something which women have prized since antiquity.

If the creation of Adam and Eve was through the work of a just God looking to propagate a free and loving society, then why has God's creation not retained the very essence of what it means to be a man.

What can be seen very clearly, is that humanity is changing subtley and that the legends and myths of long ago are largely being ignored. Either it means that the stature of ancient man was much more pronounced in those times and has been deliberately reduced by a loving God for our self-preservation and masculine protection, or it means that there has been a deliberate attempt by God since the beginning to thwart the breeding of those giants. Perhaps, because their global presence represents a dire threat to God's vision of Godliness, manhood and human fecundity.

What I am saying is, imagine a world where all men are much bigger in stature than they currently are. Isn't that a private desire of many women in the world today? Isn't it strange how few women are engaged with the idea of reducing their femininity, while at the same time there are so many public forums discussing the male ideal of masculine enhancement.

What governments around the world should be considering, is the future of masculinity, based on historical trends. This may mean a complete re-evaluation of what we have come to believe is Godly piety and humility. This discovery of true manhood, is making it obvious that the race of men is deficient in a way which points to a bleak and gloomy future.

Either it is a loving God's way of reminding us of what we used to be in the beginning, when we were first conceived as a race, and have subsequently  lost because of our failure to stay in communion with God, or we are being shown that we have been deprived because God was not pleased with the genetic advantage of some men and angrily sought to remove them from the face of the earth. Perhaps the angels were offended in those days by such powerful displays of affection!

If a race of hybrid men who were said to be the progeny of demons and desired by the daughters of men, then the mere fact that they were desired by women in those times, means that they were genetically favourable and would have formed the blood-stock of the men we are today.

Many Christians are dead set against the idea that there may have been some evolution. They feel it is not Godly thing and shouldn't be considered.  However we should be careful to consider the effects of genetic regression on the human race. We must remember that the creation took seven days, and this is very obviously supporting evidence for an unfolding project.  There was a sequence of steps. The first day, then the second, until the seventh day. Else God would have created everything in one day.

Perhaps demonizing the Sons of God in those days was a necessary course of action to ensure that they be singled out for early elimination. You only have to cast your mind back to recent witch-hunts to learn how favourable human attributes have been persecuted historically. This is not the work of men, but the work of something far more sinister at work behind the scenes manipulating the interactions and minds of men with the purpose of bringing ultimate frustration and futility. This is not a future which we want for ourselves.
The only other thing it could mean, is that male penile size is the measure of our evolution and that God is bringing us to an end. The future looks bleak for men and looks set to be more frustrating for women.

What men have to decide for themselves today is how they should regard these men with Godly giftings who are in the public consciousness. Should these men be eliminated, with history pretending they never existed, or should they be held in the highest esteem because of what they could bring to the future of humanity - superior genetics more favourable to women. What it also means, is that women have to stop bluffing themselves and be honest about the things which they desire in a man. Every woman wants a good provider, every woman wants romance and the white knight ideal, but few women are prepared to admit that penile largesse could be the star attraction in men.

Once could discern that it is not always intelligence or a big heart which many woman desire, but it is that thing which can never be substituted by money. No amount of money in the world can buy back what the enemy has discreetly and irreverently stolen from our legacy as men.

It doesn't take a genius to recognize how mankind's love of genetic superiority and relationship fullfilment had been superceded by his love of money. Of course we are not wholly to blame for this dilemma, because the real enemy is what has been living in us since the fall of man. We have been beguiled by our own greed for wealth and have taken money abundance to be a substitute for the very things that constitute masculinity.

The "system" we live in, is perpetuated by a force which does away with historical record and covers up truth. Isn't it strange how every one of God's creatures in the creation is driven by the need to procreate in alignment with the preservation of the best genetic stock, but humanity operates seemingly in contrast to Godly nature. This is partly facilitated by the idea of a monetary society.

What may be observed today, is that true poverty cannot be said to exist in the parts of the world which have traditionally been considered poorest as measured by per capita income. True poverty is very often to be found in nations whose men measure themselves by money to the exclusion of other giftings. If we are an intelligent race of creatures as we claim to be, then why have we deliberately chosen to sexually frustrate our female counterparts to the detriment of our human enjoyment?

12 February, 2013

Could Paul have been wrong about the law?

I have been struggling for the last two years to resolve some of the truths in the bible which I find don't adhere to reason or display flaws when tested with other biblical "logic". Some people fob off my attempts to determine truth by telling me not to lean on my own understanding. Isn't reason the very thing which deepens understanding? Doesn't flawed logic hinder us in arriving at truths?

I am not suggesting that we can know God by logic or by reasoning alone. God is enigmatic and does not allow himself to be understood. However, as one studies the word and ponders the way of a loving and just God, it becomes clearer that the God of the Old Testament is very much a god of punishment and wrath. He never seems to be in a good mood, always demanding things of men which sometimes seem pathetically trivial.

Firstly, my understanding of the law - supposedly holy, righteous and good. If so, then why does it bring a curse? How did Paul get that one so wrong? The revelation of New Testament truth seems delicately balanced. We are told we live under grace not law, yet at the same time we are told "don't keep sinning that grace may increase." If we should not carry on sinning, then should we ought to stop sinning? How is it possible to ever stop sinning if commands like "do not lie" and "do not covert" impede "the way".

What if a person is not a liar by nature and entirely honest but is forced to lie for their own protection or to defend a greater good? If the wages of sin is death, then should we be moved one step closer to the grave because we attempt to defend ourselves? What about children, they don't always tell the truth. Often they "fib" because they are testing the boundaries of their relationships or discovering truth through their own experience.

What did God do to men in the beginning which has resulted in such pain and suffering on the Earth for so many? God created a creation, the work of his hands, and surely saw that it was good. Isn't that what we have come to believe? What is difficult to understand, is that there is alot of suffering and misery in the world and that good, honest and diligent people suffer the most.

Weren't we supposed to be blessed in the beginning by God? What happend? Supposedly Satan fell from his high place in the kingdom of light and when he saw that God's creation were spiritually still above him in the kingdom, with holy souls, he sought to corrupt them and make them fall into the world. According to scripture these souls fell into spiritual decay on account of their sins. That is to say, in the beginning, they were not fallen souls and not subject to decay or perishing. The word perish does not mean to pass away, but rather it infers a corruption process.

Now the scriptures say that Adam and Eve were beguiled by Satan into eating what they were commanded not to eat. What is difficult to understand, is God's way with us. God is supposed to love us. We who had the "innocence" of children. If that were true and God knows the character of children, why did God tell us not to eat the fruit of a particular tree? When you tell or command a child not to do something, what is their natural reaction? Not all children will obey the parent and very often they will defy authority. They do this to learn cause and effect. If I don't obey you, what will you do? Surely an all knowing and all wise creator would have understood that the very first thing his creation would do if commanded not to do it, would be to go out and break the rules. Surely we should be overlooking the petty crimes against the law, such as adultery, emission of semen, mestruation, and skin discharges and have a religious doctrine which focusses on the important social crimes such as murder, violence, rape and warfare. Why does God, who is apparently so big and so supreme, act like such a miserable worm and allow death to reign over us for pathetic infringements. In the days of old covenant life, there were even statutes which men attempted to keep also. Do not mix two types of clothing. Do not clip the sides of your beard etc. Pathetic. Are we to believe that God expected men attempted to live by those codes?

The other day I was considering that we have been gradually socially conditioned to think nothing of watching warfare, crime and mindless violence on Television. Those things are considered acceptable viewing. Blood, gore, emaciated children and corpses are things we see daily on TV, but nudity, love, sex and pornography are considered social evil and wrong, because the scripture says that we should not lust. Well if lust is a crime or transgression - a transgression of law, then why did God make the human body such a desirous thing for the opposite sex? Men are attracted to the form of a woman. Woman are attracted to the form of a man. What kind of cruel master is a God who makes us this way, then punishes us for desiring what is natural to human instinct? Perhaps natural human instinct is not of God but Satanic.

Are creatures in the animal kingdom punished because they desire each other and enjoy sexual freedoms? What kind of God makes human beings of a certain form that elicits sexual desire, then calls that desire lust, branding it as a wrong, claiming that lust can land a person in the burning sulphur. What about fraudsters and people who incite others to violence and warfare? Shouldn't they suffer similiar punishment? Why does God punish us for being human? Surely we have our priorities very very wrong, if children learn that human suffering and war are acceptable viewing, but love or love-making are wrong or taboo.

I recently logged onto a Christian chat forum and openly asked the question: Why do people watch porn? Do you know that no one could or would give me an answer. "God" has allowed the proliferation of porn because he knows he can punish men for watching it. Satan has made this a desirable thing to view, but men are punished for having a sexual curiosity. Strangely we are not punished by God for viewing violence, warfare and bloodshed.

The perversion is not that men are commiting crimes against God, but that God is committing crimes against men and hindering their relationship freedom and frustrating men in his efforts to understand his nature. Freud discovered in many of his patients, that the spirit had a sexual identity. That is to say, that the heart of men are anima (female spirited) and that the hearts of woman are animus or (male spirited). This could explain the transition which can be seen presently in the world.Women are emerging into the foreground of society and becoming greater rivals to men. Women having sexual power over men from the beginning and long been oppressed, are now experiencing career, societal and political freedoms. We have been told that men have traditionally been the ones pursuing women, but if women have sexual power over men, then they ought to be pursuing men. This role reversal in society and the sexual emasculation of men is either the Satanic ideal, if Freud was wrong, or it takes the pressure off men, by allowing women to re-assert control. I am saying that if men are female spirited, then they are becoming spiritually emancipated and if women are male spirited then perhaps they are becoming spiritually emancipated. We may see a future where women are the main breadwinner and where men look after the family.

The problem is this: Humans are very much inclined to test universal rules. Historically this has been a character of men. What do we notice in the modern world? Men and women are challenging rules and defying limitations. In exploration we see more and more people climbing the highest peaks. People are travelling faster and further, higher and for longer. Doesn't this prove that man is trying to work out what his limitations are and break through them? Perhaps this tendency is ingrained in man because of his "sinful nature". Maybe it is the restlessness of the devil within us that makes the human race so active and desirous of defying what we have been told are our limitations.

The most challenging question is this: If God made us and we are blessed, why are the things which we can't help doing as human beings regarded as sinful by the law? Does God punish animals with the curse of sin? I can't speak for animals, but the law curses men for sexual acts which cannot be helped, on account of them being men. Chimpanzees, for example are close evolutionary relatives to humans, because the females menstruate. Does God punish these animals with disease or premature death? I don't know, but they probably don't have a codex of laws which makes them "conscious of sin". Does that mean these mammals are better off than humans? I would say yes, because they will never be conscious of what ails them and will probably die in innocence. Even though these animals are not human, they display affections and love toward their offspring. Perhaps it is neuro- chemicals that are activated in the brain, but they appear to care for each other and despite episodic violence, they don't require laws handed down by God, they live by natural laws and instincts. Maybe the natural instincts of men are things which the law frustrates.

Women are under the same curse as men. If they menstruate, they sin as a product of their design. If men ejaculate, they are then subject to sin on account of their design. The law gives sin its power and the power of the law brings death to men. When man transgresses God's laws, which he does almost daily without being fully in control of his actions, then he legally allows defilement of his spirit and soul. Sin is living in us, because the human condition is prone to what the bible calls "human weakness".  When the bible speaks of sin, it does not only mean transgression of law, but refers to those spirits which are of the devil and have evil intent toward men. It is my personal belief that many of today's stubborn cancers and malignant diseases are because we become defiled due to sin's reign over us. If God loves his creation, then why did he through the law, give sin power over us?
It makes little sense.

When we are ignorant, we may be actually better off. When are conscious of sin, we may actually worse off, because the Devil's warfare against men is stepped up. My belief is that Satan working though ingrained sin, is more preoccupied with the "elimination" of the good, not because they are good, but because they are seen by him to be wicked. Why wicked? Because education, interest in the spiritual, an understanding of the way things are and a deep desire to investigate the scripture and reveal it's true contents are what make the good a threat to the established Satanic "order".

I am a person who has not made a great success of life. When I look back, there are inexplicable things which happened to me, for which I have no reasonable explanation, except that they hindered me in finding love and they prevented or obstructed me in my childhood relationships. I can't see any reason why they happened, except that they have been tangible obstacles which I feel have been brought about through no real fault of my own, except that I am a sensitive and good person. When I look at those events and say to myself, what did I learn from that negative experience? Only that life is incredibly cruel and some suffer immensely. For those who are lucky enough to have had an easy life, the memories are mostly good, but very often in the end, we end up aged and frail, dependent on others. Sometimes I feel a shorter life is less cruel somehow.

I used to worry alot and care about situations. but recently after years of patient trial and lost friendships, I feel that I have become blunted. What I mean is that I am convince that "faith" is something which we are led into, in an attempt by the Devil to prolong our suffering. The Devil delights in wickedness. Nothing is more wicked than to make men believe that there is a God out there who is going to heal us eventually and make everything right. Even the bequeathing of money to a suffering person, might seem to be a fortuitous good omen at first, but it all tends to prolong suffering and extend "hope".

God said to Cain, "sin is crouching at your door and you must master it". The mastery of sin, is the mastery over acts which we are told are wickedness, yet the majority of these acts are part and parcel of what it means to be a man, a woman and to be human. We have been conditioned also by church that humanity is sinful. We are sinners. We are weak. Yes perhaps, but who can help the things they do? Who can really help who they are? Why did God bring this upon mankind and I wonder if animals experience the same suffering as men.

If we are weak and sinful and our sexuality is a great wrong and many of us are frustrated, then why is God doing this to us? What is his purpose in making us suffer? To what end? I believe that there are two reasons. "God" delights in seeing us suffer. We are told that it is "commendable" in the eyes of God to suffer unjust punishment, than just punishment. What does that then tell us about the nature of God? What it revels, is that when God sees our suffering from injustice, it is good and when he sees us suffer from justice, it is not quite as good. It reveals God's slightly sadistic nature.

Which is worse if you are a child? To know that you got smacked for being bad, or smacked for doing nothing wrong? If you are a parent, which would make you feel more good about yourself, if your child did nothing wrong and you punished him, or if your child did wrong and you punished him? Is it more commendable in the eyes of parents that children suffer unjustly, or is it more commendable that they don't suffer unjustly?

I believe that "God" does not want to make the world a better place. I feel that men are by instinct creatures of immense inner conflict because they have animal instincts which propel them into certain acts, but that many of these instincts are a product of their evolutionary nature. The trend in world development has shown that education is helping to reduce global populations.  Some people after heartache prefer to be alone than attempt the pain of another relationship. This could possibly be a reason for the decline in western populations.

Either that or "God" is deliberately isolating certain people. Whatever way you look at it, people are more cut-off today from each other than ever before. If a person is not working, or not able to function in a work environment, their spirit suffers and is weakened. Company, togetherness and bonding is what is good for humans. The rise of "technology" appears to have made the world a smaller place, but I believe that it is giving rise to "anti-socialism".

Take the example of sending text messages. It is amazing how certain people can drop by for a visit, yet are actually "not there". They are communicating and developing "friendships" with people on the other side of the world, who they will probably never meet in person. This is becoming a global "reality".

If men are wicked, because they "emit semen" when enjoying something they believe is a gift given by God, then woman too, must consider themselves wicked because they menstruate.  Yes we are unfortunately all sinners, but the truth is that all these sins are incidental to our being human beings. Why is God anti-humanity? If God knew what was good from men in the beginning, why then did he give us the Law through Moses?

The law, which makes us conscious of sin, brings us into a full awareness that certain things we do are wrong in the eyes of God. The biggest wrong of all though, is that God has cursed us for being sexual beings, desiring what we are told is wrong all the time.

Men are prone to pursuing pleasure, but oddly, when they do, they are told that the wages of their pleasure seeking, is death. So should we as men, not pursue what is pleasurable? Perhaps lives of austerity, isolation and solitude are preferable in the war against worldliness, but didn't God provide the joys and simple pleasures of being, or are these Satanic things not to be enjoyed?

I feel it is like splitting an atom sometimes! We would all like to enjoy retreat at times, but at other times we prefer human mirth and companionship. Aren't we supposed to be social beings?  Sometimes when we try to be more socially, we discover that the "will" is not there, or sapped.  It's as though an invisible force is keeping us from the simple pleasures we used to enjoy as social beings.

Jesus cured diseases which were caused by sin. Those he healed, were warned to "go and sin no more". The technical legal issue, is that sinning no more is NOT POSSIBLE because sexual sins and minor sins cannot be avoided without inducing austerity and frustration. If Jesus expected men to keep the law after he rid them of sin, then Jesus is surely fundamentally unaware of human nature and is anti-grace. If I was healed from my suffering, the first think I would probably buy myself is a new car, but that would mean looking at about 30 different types of car. That would be coveting and a sin.  Eventually I would be no better off than before. What is the point?

Why do we mindlessly swear on the bible, when things like rape are not outlined in the Law as sin?
If not every negative action is transgression of law, why do people associate every wrong with what is unlawful? Sure, there are some laws which are obvious. Murder, rape and a host of other ills. When men commit crimes against each other, I think that it may be ok that they receive the wages of sin. If the wages of sin are disease then death, then these people should suffer for their wrongs.

However, what is the most commonly recurring sin committed by men? I would say you could probably guess the one act which many men struggle with. They struggle because they are otherwise immensely frustrated. What is the most commonly recurring sin committed by women? Well it has to do with something which is natural to the uterus and for childbirth. Why did "God" not make humans with a uterine lining that gets reabsorbed into the body? This is a feature of many mammals. That would have given us longer lifespans. Instead he curses women.

Are we to assume that men in their regenerate state, with holy souls and in the kingdom of God are no longer inclined to sexual fulfilment? Does it mean that women in a regenerate condition would no longer menstruate and so would be barren and not be able to bear children? I doubt that.

Sin may have a more harmful outcome for men, because men are more sexually orientated.  I am not saying that women are not, but women are the child bearers. The bible tells us that God's will was for man to be fruitful and multiply. However, the state of the world proves that men are multiplying less and are becoming more frustrated. Global population is slowing. Men are actually dividing and becoming more divided! Doesn't the scripture say that "nation will rise against nation"?

What the laws also tell us, is that men with higher libidos and women who have heavier menstruations are going to suffer more than the average person. How is that fair on us?

I tell you, even though we don't live under law, but under grace, the truth is that all humans have the law so that they may be made conscious of sin. I personally believe that this is the fundamental reason why many Christians are so ignorant of whats in the law. Because deep down in their primal selves, they feel a desire to not become truely conscious of sin and the way evil is working against them. The law is like a double edged sword. It wakes the person from ignorance, yet it makes "sin spring to life". There is a certain "bliss" that comes from ignorance, but I don't believe that the true God who cares for humanity would ever throw us into hell.

I believe that humans are so utterly captive and frustrated by the law which governs them, that there is no way a loving and just God would really punish us for transgression. The bible says there is "no condemnation" for those who are truely in Christ.

I don't claim to know what being truely "in Christ means" but I believe that one day, there will be an end to suffering. Jesus did say that "love" is the fulfilment of the law, yet at the same time, if you love yourself more or a person of the opposite sex more, you will end up sinning more, which is fundamentally perverse. If you love more you care more for others, but that the same time you would be enjoying your sexuality more in relationships as an expression of love. Ultimately men will commit more sexual sins and thereby bringing themselves closer to death. If the wages of sin are death, and I am sinning more, then I am moving closer to disease and death. How then can the law be holy, righteous and good. How did Paul in one breath claim that the law is holy righteous and good while in other scriptures we are told that the law brings a curse?

I believe that human nature is divided into those who perpetuate wickedness in humanity with  indwelling evil spirits compelling them to those actions and that there are men who are under a strong influence of indwelling sin who are more strongly compelled to wickedness, but would never carry out those acts because they would never allow themselves to be influenced to that extent. I have also begun to feel that many human beings have developmental issues that stem from early childhood influences which can lead them to failure, while other people seem to be blessed from early life, and that life is easy for them. They have the best of everything. Augustine coined the expression, the
unrighteous good, and the righteous wicked.

I don't believe that a loving God would throw us into hell for anything, because I know in my inner self that every malaise and failure of men is brought about by wickedness constantly working against them and their relationships. It is not our fault and not of our own doing. Sometimes even though we believe it is us that have done wrong, it is very often the deception of the heart which is responsible. Even though we strive to do right, we can be hindered to the extent that we blame ourselves for failure, when the true enemy's involvement is never fully perceived.

One of the delights of the enemy is holding repetitive failure to our remembrance, because this taunt gives him pleasure. He accuses, then he torments, then he reminds us when we have moved on.
This is the reality of our captivity and hindrance in the world.