13 December, 2015

Hi to my readers

Just want to say hi to my readers because I have been silent for a long time.

I´d like you all to know i´m fine and plodding on from day to day.  There have been some minor breakthroughs, but generally the pace of my nightly deliverance has trailed off.  It is as though I am on a treadmill and God has slowed down the belt but raised the incline.

There are days of frustration where I can´t seem to get any work done. I feel myself trying to anticipate things in advance because the war is a strategy which is designed to attack your life on all fronts.  I have been through phases of persecution, especially in my family. These have eventually resulted in me giving-up praying for certain family members, because there has been no definitive change.  If the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective and yet after ten years a family members still remains set in their ways and has the same opinions about you and your character, then in my opinion you should not keep up prayer efforts for them.

The bible says pray for those who persecute you not persecute those who pray for you.  It is implied that if people persecute you, you should pray for them. I have found that if you pray for people, they will begin to persecute you.

Many of the people I pray for take sleep medication, but the receipt of deliverance each night depends on a person having an active spirit. If you don´t dream, there can be no healing.
The faculty of the spirit ought not to be dulled by sleep inducing medication.

Since ten years I have kept up the daily pace of my struggle by saying my prayers for healing each night and by steadfastly reading about 2-3 pages of my bible each night. This daily regime in conjunction with Penn-Lewis´ deliverance strategy outlined in Secrets of Spiritual warfare, have resulted in a marked overall improvement in my health. My narcoleptic attacks are becoming less and less of an issue and i´m feeling confident that I will eventually break free of the symptoms.

About 3 years ago I began to take an fluoxitine anti-depressant medication which has helped to curb appetites and keep compulsions in check.  Committing to spiritual practice is humbling, but God has also given us the chemical benefits of medication which we should also humble ourselves to.

I began to experience diminished eye-sight about a year ago, which eventually got me to make a covenant with my eyes.  I recommend to anyone who is struggling with visual acuity problems related to internet use.

Things are improving although I have days where a spirit in me that erodes my forward momentum and puts me down so to speak. There are days where I feel useless and in those days I feel that simply resting is best.

Hopefully 2016 will be a better year and I will continue from strength to strength. God willing.
Please keep me in your prayers.

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